Custom Pool Pro Phoenix, AZ

Custom Pool Pro began as a company that wanted to provide the best pool services in Phoenix and other areas. The goal was to deliver professional services that could be trusted while keeping your money invested in your home.

Since then, we have provided professional swimming pool design, construction, remodeling, cleaning, and maintenance services to clients throughout Phoenix. 

We utilize top-of-the-line equipment and employ a team of experienced personnel. Through creative vision and execution, we can help turn your swimming pool dreams into reality.

custom pool pro phoenix

Pool Construction

At Custom Pool Pro, we utilize the latest advances in our industry to deliver your custom pool and outstanding service. We make sure the project is completed on time to your complete satisfaction from site layout to finish. We offer most types of pool construction, including in-ground and above-ground fiberglass, vinyl liner, and custom gunite pools. Here at Custom Pool Pro, we are committed to providing each customer with the quality swimming pool they deserve.

Types of Inground Pools

We can build inground pools in many different ways. Whichever way you do it, the best way to do it is by deciding if you want to make your pool using a concrete, vinyl liner, or fiberglass material. Each of these pool types comes in various styles, so you can choose what works best for your backyard.

Fiberglass Pools

Round or oval, fiberglass inground pools offer a great starting point for families interested in diving into an outdoor oasis. They are designed with a smooth, clean look and seamless finish that you will proudly show off in your own backyard.

Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl liner inground pools can be a great foundation to build and enjoy your dream pool. They are an excellent option for those who want to develop a pool while being on a budget. These pools retain their beauty for decades, as long as they are correctly maintained

Custom Gunite Pools

Our gunite pools are built to last using a solid rebar framework sprayed over with a blended concrete and sand mixture as proven sturdy in the concrete industry. Gunite is exceedingly challenging, so swimming pools made of this material will surely last for many years to come.

Pool Design

If you want to start a pool design from scratch, Custom Pool Pro is at your service. No matter the task, our pool designers can work with you from the very beginning and help you realize all your design ideas efficiently. You get a team of experts with years of designing experience under their belts, so you can go swimming in your backyard all summer long—and more!

Custom Pool Design

Custom Pool Pro offers custom pool designing services. We live to design pools that fit your precise needs, including building the perfect dream home pool. World-class design and industry-leading engineering allow us to carry out any backyard water feature with ease. Just imagine walking through your dream home pool with our expertise and precision. Custom Pool Pros are experts at executing the ideas and concepts you have been thinking about for years!

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