Custom Pool Pro Austin, TX

We are Custom Pool Pro, and we are proud to offer a unique Austin pool experience unlike any other. We design, construct, remodel, maintain, and even clean pools of every shape and size and help keep them beautiful and functional through all seasons of the year.

Whether you are looking for your backyard sanctuary of dreams or have a unique vision for a business, government, or community project we can enhance with a swimming vessel, you have come to the right place.

Custom Pool Pro is a professional pool service and repair company providing service solutions to homes within the Austin, TX area. When you choose Custom Pool Pro for your swimming pool needs, you can rest assured knowing that we have built our business reputation on honesty, reliability, and a genuine concern for our customers.

Custom Pool Pro Austin

Pool Construction

Pool construction can be a daunting task, but Custom Pool Pro is here to help with your pool building needs. We at Custom Pool Pro want to make having a swimming pool as easy for you as possible. That is why we provide various options for pool construction. Whether you are looking for an in-ground or above-ground pool made of fiberglass, vinyl liner, or custom gunite, our team of expert contractors has the right supplies and experience to help you with your project.

Types of Inground Pools

The foundation of your inground pool has a significant impact on its longevity. The pool industry uses three primary materials to make this foundation: concrete, vinyl liner, and fiberglass. All have their benefits and drawbacks, but in the end, choosing which material is best is up to you.

Fiberglass Pools

Open your door to the world of fiberglass inground pools with durable, all-weather construction and sleek designs that fit any yard. Fiberglass is quick to install and easy to maintain, which helps us cater to your needs and make the whole transaction smooth and breezy.

Vinyl Liner Pools

Perfect for smaller backyards or to accommodate a growing family, a vinyl liner pool comes in customizable shapes and provides a handy starting point for a custom pool project. Our vinyl liner pool services are quick and easy to set up, and with minimal ongoing maintenance required

Custom Gunite Pools

Concrete or gunite pools are becoming a popular alternative to fiberglass and vinyl liners. It is also so much more durable, protecting from everything that a pool environment can throw at it, including high-pressure hoses and chemicals. Well-known for their beautiful aesthetics.

Pool Design

Get the perfect pool for your space. Custom Pool Pro will help you every step of the way to create an outdoor oasis that is custom-built for what matters most to you: shape, size, and budget. We have been designing and building custom swimming pools for many years, and we have a great range of shapes and sizes for all our clients to choose from.

Custom Pool Design

Tired of the same old boring pool design? Custom Pool Pro is your one-stop shop to transform a boring pool into something you will proudly show off. Whether you want a column waterfall, an infinity-edge, or a diving board, we can help you make your pool dreams a reality. We work with the local government of Austin, TX, to comply with all laws and ordinances to give you the backyard paradise that you want sans the headache.

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